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Wordle entropy decision tree

Optimal Guesses in Wordle Using Entropy

There’s been a lot of strategies to find optimal guesses in wordle. Some involving letter frequencies or linquistics. Here we’re going to examine the fundamental principles on how information is conveyed and use entropy to solve wordle.

Heatmap of congressional districts highlighting spending per voter

Value of a Vote

We compiled 16 years of FEC political spending data and voter turnout figures on every presidential, senate, and house election to compute the average spending per voter in each district.

Timelines in Endgame, Explained

A interactive visual graphic to explain all the (spoilers) time travel involved in endgame and the fate of all timelines created.

Are Tomatoes a Fruit?

Finally, a visual classification of all produce. Courtesy of the D3 javascript library. Spoiler: most things are fruit