Value of a Vote

We compiled 16 years of FEC political spending data and voter turnout figures on every presidential, senate, and house election to compute the average spending per voter in each district.

Pringles Dick

I’m quarantined and this is how my creative outlet has chosen to manifest. I’ve written a piano cover of Pringles Dick by Jeff Davis (from the Harmontown podcast). PDF MIDI File Musescore listing If you like it, check out my other arrangementsYour web browser doesn’t have a PDF plugin. Can’t show PDF in browser

Passthrough Nvidia to Linux VM

Almost all of the online documentation for VFIO passthrough is for Windows: a direct result of pragmatic Linux users who acknowledge the current state of gaming. However, with Steam’s recent advances towards Linux compatibility, you may consider passing your Nvidia card to a Linux VM instead. This guide should help you make Nvidia and Ubuntu cooperate in a VFIO environment.